Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue + Blue = A lot of Blue

I am not typically one for posting photos of fabric ... but there's a funny story attached to this one.

I am making two quilts in the same color scheme (one for my sister-in-law who is just completing her Bachelors Degree & the other for the woman who networked me in to my current job).  I decided I needed some blue solids in the quilt and went on line looking.

Solids for me are the hardest to find.  My LQS has some fabulous prints, but the solid selection isn't so great.  I have tried to use JoAnn (because I love my 40% off coupons), but noticed that all the solids except Kona, have started to pill from the first quilt I made 2 years ago.  I'm not a big fan of buying solids on line, as minimum quantities are 1/2 yard and, even with my Kona color chart, it is always hard for me to decide which one I want.

So I went on line and came across a cool concept from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

A monthly solids club!  It apparently comes in FQs, half yard and full yard options.  I chose the FQ option ... for $14.95 per month, I get 8 FQs in a color theme every month.   And I have NO pinks in my stash ... so I thought what a great idea!

I also went to and came across their Kona FQ Pack in Aqua and Turquoise -- which was perfect for my current projects.

I got back from the cabin last night and my Pink Chalk fabrics parcel was in the mail box.  Yey!!!

I opened it ... and found some fabulous Bella Blues!!!  Silly me ... the photo with pink fabrics that I saw advertising the FQ solid monthly club was for the club ... not for the month ;-).

So ... I have now gone from an under-supply of blues to an over-supply ... overnight!  Good news is that all 28 FQs are gorgeous rich colors and not a single one is duplicate ;-).  Can't wait to see what Pink Chalk sends me in July ;-).

Update:  Kati advises that we can purchase smaller amounts of Kona solids @

Hope you're having a great week!

All the best


  1. Those all look so pretty. I love blue solids. Also, check out They have all the konas and cut as small as 1/8 yd. I've ordered from them and they are great.

  2. Oh you lucky lucky girl - I'm practically salivating - I can even imagine a panel just like the eQuilters swatch photo, with lots of delicious quilting

  3. Cool idea. I'm thinking about starting a new quilt that will require solids. I originally was going to use the Bella Solids from Moda. I'm now thinking the Kona is a better choice. What to do?.. What to do? I might have to buy one of those Kona color cards. Huh.............

  4. What beautiful piles of fabric! I am lucky in that my LQS recently started carrying the full line of Kona solids - YAY!


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