Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dutch prints

We are home safe, sound and exhausted from our trip to Europe.  While in Amsterdam, I was able to get to Dutch Quilt shop that Alison from Little Island Quilting recommended and that I blogged about here.

One of 6 remaining "working" windmills in the city
The "loot"
Some "antique" prints for my "modern" quilt ... hmmm
The very happy shopper
The view from our apartment to the canal below
My definition of a good shopping day!
I have another week to figure out what I want to do for my quilting bee with these ... but I am very excited at the prospect and truly appreciate everyone's help in providing me with potential fabric stores while we were on our journey.

Hope that spring is warming up in your neighborhood.

All the best


  1. What a yummy group of fabrics! I know you'll make something wonderful.

  2. I am having such fun with these fabrics I can't tell you. Something funny has happened to surprise you but you'll find out about that soon enough. And I am designing a new block in honour of the fact that you were one of the very first blogs I got excited about way back last year when this whole quilting adventure kicked off for me. Happy 50th and congrats on that marathon for both of you.


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