Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kind of like wearing black tights with a white skirt

Box spring cover
After several weeks of stairing at the box spring under my new quilt for the guest room, I decided it was time to come up with a solution.  I'm not a fan of bed skirts as I never seem to be able to keep them properly in place and the bedframe lends itself to being shown a little.

Using 3 yards of Moda Lollipop Chocolate Bias Plaid and an old fitted bottom sheet I crafted a cover for the box spring. 

I am actually quilte pleased with how it came out and definitely took enough photos to put together a tutorial (a couple of minor touches required before ready to go prime time).

Although I am really happy with how the box spring cover came out, I am challenged with the way it looks with the quilt.  I realized after I finished it, that the color contrast between the box spring cover and the quilt is just too much.  

I think it's fixable with some darker elements on top, perhaps a pillow that matches the covering, and this might even ben a good excuse to make another smaller quilt in a darker theme to throw at the bottom of the bed! 

I got the box spring cover made this morning ... and then helped John cut up a tree that had fallen across the road just down from our cabin. 

Large rounds
This ought to help fill in the empty spots in the woodpile!
Woodpile behind the blue tarp
And i finished quilting my "no blues" string quilt ... photos will be taken once I get the binding on. 

I love productive days!!!

All the best!


  1. That quilt looks so striking on the bed and I like the contrast. And I love the box spring cover idea. I have three sons and I've learned that boys do NOT want a bedskirt. No way ... no how.

  2. I love the box spring cover idea. It is a great alternative to a bed skirt.

    I think it looks great in your room. I may just take your eye a while to adjust to the difference between the light colored box spring and the darker cover.

  3. I think it looks fine! I like that idea. I unfortunately don't have a pretty bed frame like yours to warrant it! But it's a great idea and my daughters bed could use that since she doesn't have a bed skirt.

    I love your cabin. I want to live there. I want all that wood stacked so neatly in a shed. I want a snow covered mountain off in the distance to stare at. I want to snuggle under one of those quilts inside the cabin next to a fire. Again...I love your cabin!

  4. Hi Lisa! That's a beautiful job you've done with the cover. I think it looks perfect - but a pillow wouldn't go astray! Aren't you so lucky living in such an amazing location? Danielle x


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