Saturday, January 15, 2011

In honor of those who serve

As many of you who read my blog are aware, my brother is currently serving in Iraq.  His wife "D" is holding down the fort just outside of Schoffield Barracks in Hawaii.  She's a full-time mom, a full-time college student and now chairing the committee to raise funds for a memorial to honor our soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice.    

Their goal is to raise funds to add the names of fallen soldiers from the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division who are currently serving their 3rd tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and  Operation New Dawn.  They would also like to bring the immediate family of those soldiers to Hawaii for the re-dedication of the memorial.

Last week I sent her an e-mail asking if, in addition to the check that John and I were going to send, she had any use for a quilt to raffle off to raise money, because if she did, I had some fabulous inspirations here and here!  I could hear the squeal through the return e-mail!!!  They are holding a silent auction in April and so a quilt is greatly appreciated.

Since there's not alot of patriotic red and blue in my stash, I reached out to Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics and she put together a custom scrap bag for me; it was a great value and will be more than enough to complete this quilt.

I got started today using Victoria's (of The Silly BooDilly) Wonky Star Tutorial

And have now completed the first 8 of a total of 30. 

The blocks are definitely time consuming (even more time consuming than the scrap quilt blocks Jen ;-), but I am already thinking about what other colors to use once this one is done.

If you're interested in learning more about the war memorial, please click on the image below.  Our soldiers are amazing, they have been fighting on two war fronts now for nearly 10 years, they have walked away from parents, wives, husbands, children and so many other family and friends to go over to harsh lands to fight in new types of warfare and sadly ... many do not come home.  This memorial is as important for those that do come home as it is for the families of those that don't.  (I have a brother-in-law I never got to meet who's name is on a similar memorial in the UK and I know it means the world to my husband and his family).  Please take a look Their memorial is worth a look and ever-positive "D" says that nickels and dimes add up, and that small contributions are also deeply appreciated.  

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!

All the best


  1. Awesome Lisa!! These are looking fantastic! Yes, they are time consuming but I had a "sort of system" for them. i had all my triangles cut and my center squares cut and then put them in stacks and every day sewed 4-5. Some days I'd sew more and some less, but if I set my goal at 5 per day, it wasn't too bad. You'll get there! It's going to look so nice and what a great cause! Love those quilts for military charities and purposes! It warms my heart!
    (Thanks for linking to me!)
    Have a nice weekend too!

  2. what a amazing are doing a wonderful thing


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