Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love that Craig guy ...

Another fabulous find on Craigs List! 

Gosh ... I have become such a fan of that web site!  We're not sure if it's original or a replica ... but it's super heavy and even if a replica, they used original wood in it's creation.  The clasp on the front is iron and you can see the detail in the wood, including what appears to be a keyhole for an old lock in the bottom right of the photo below.

The drawers have iron rings for handles, held in by an iron pin.  The drawers are comprised of old, worm eaten wood that really brings a touch of authenticity to the piece. 

While a little hard to see, the hinge is comprised of two iron i-bolts hammered into place. 

When we bought it, the shelves had been removed and the back was cut out for a very large TV.  Because it's so heavy, the missing back made it very unstable.  Recently, John was able to find some great reclaimed wood at RE Store, that was about 1" thick.  We squared it back up and replaced the back and then he built several shelves for the inside.  A little bit of stain ... and we have a great pantry for the cabin.

We are huge fans of Craigs List ... it takes diligence and you can't expect to find what you want the first time you log on ... but we continue to furnish the cabin with great finds and love both the cost and the recycle element. 

Oh yes ... and this armoire, including the extra wood and stain for the back and shelves $214.75!  Compare that to the $1100 the cabinet supplier wanted for a 36" cabinet to put in it's place ... oh and this has so much more character!

All the best.


  1. Wow...that is an awesome find! I wish I had that kinda luck! (Although as much as I'd love to shop and find great furniture like this, moving as much as we do, it just isn't practical! But someday!!) This truly is a beautiful piece of furniture!

  2. Jen ... thanks! I'm an Army brat, so I understand the moving thing ... my dad used to complain everytime we moved about the weight of the piano ;-) ... btw, now my husband complains about the same thing ;-)


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