Saturday, April 3, 2010

A little Hope Valley ... very little ...

Over the past year there have been a few fabulous friends who have helped keep me grounded, spirits up and focused on finding the next right job.  Jeannine got her quilt when she landed her job back in January (my first corner block improv quilt), I am working on Teresa's right now, and this one is for Lisa B. 

Lisa is in the midst of remodeling her combined living and dining room area and adding a small deck off the living room to take advantage of her great city and water views.  Her new paint scheme is a very pale green and when I saw subtle colors of the grays/greens of the Hope Valley fabrics ... I knew it was perfect.

As you've probably gathered ... I haven't built out a stash of fabulous fabrics ... in part because I've been limited on cash this past year, and in part, because I really like the value that solids bring.  So I've used patterns for effect, but typically they take second position ... this quilt is no exception!

I was able to pick up 9 FQs of Denise Schmydt's Hope Valley for 20% off at my local QS and I recon I will get 2 quilts out of it. 

This is laying on the bed in my room ... but I like the way that it looks with green slate around the fireplace. 

I made the back a little darker intentionally so it can be pulled out onto the new deck in the evenings ... in Seattle, we have fabulous summer temperatures, rarely rising above the mid-80's.  However, our nights cool down dramatically as soon as the sun sets ... partly why we wear so much fleece ;-).

I'm still in love with negative space ...don't think it's a phase ... I just really like the naked quilting on an empty white canvas ...

I love how it came out and can't wait until her remodel is complete and we can sit out on the new deck with a glass of wine and her wrapped up in her new quilt with her kids!

All the best


  1. Another stunning quilt!

    I love your mix of solids and prints. I tend to use one or the other - I'll have to give mixing them a try soon.

  2. love's beautiful! I too love how you use the negative space. You're very creative with it! Your quilts look very modern, elegant, and classy! Love them!

    Oh and about the flannel as backing fabric...highly recommend it! Definitely pre-wash it though. Flannel shrinks a lot different than cotton fabric. I pre-washed mine and still got the crinkly look throughout the whole quilt. (I usually NEVER pre-wash) And I'm not sure if you are using flannel as a back, if you pieced it with blocks of regular cotton, how that would turn out. But I can tell you that the flannel back is SO SOFT and cozy. I couldn't believe it. I think I'll be doing it a lot more!

  3. Hi - I just popped over from Fresh Modern Quilts on Flickr when I saw this quilt. Love it - it's colours, your layout, the quilting - just perfect. I had to laugh when I read your profile - it's like I was reading my own! Must be something about this Pacific Northwest weather...

  4. Love the negative space too.
    She's going to adore it... she's a lucky friend!
    I used flannel on the back of my first few quilts I made for my kids... they love snuggling up into them.

  5. Another nicely done quilt; beautiful! You are just cranking them out; my word. And your house is beautiful, too. :)

  6. Thanks everyone! I will definitely slow down once the I head back to work ... but have SO enjoyed the past 9 months of learning to quilt!

    Jen ... thanks for tip on pre-washing the flannel ... since I don't pre-wash ... that could have ruined a quilt!

  7. Love this! I saw it on Flickr and had to pop over for a closer look. Wonderful quilts and congratulations on the new job!

  8. I'm sure she'll love this. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that looking at all your gorgeous quilts on Flickr has finally convinced me to try quilting again.

  9. Wow Sarah ... that's quite the compliment ... thanks and can't wait to see your first project!


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