Discovering New Neutrals

Sunday, May 5, 2019

OK ... I admit it ... I have been kind of boring when it comes to neutrals ...

As a Kona Solids girl, I was kinda stuck on White, Snow and Ash ... I would buy them by the bolt and that was the extent of my neutral quilt wardrobe.

Boy was that limiting!

Rainbow scrap quilts on a design wall in baby sizes

This week I was doing a few scrappy versions of my Connected Squares Quilt Pattern and I didn't really want to do both of them in Kona Ash.  I am kinda adverse to too much white on a baby quilt as they are a bit harder to keep clean.

So I went looking in the cupboard and found some Kona Pewter Solid.  It was perfect!  Putting the quilt's side by side, I am kinda smitten with the depth that you get out of the darker version.

Now I know that it won't work with everything ... but when it comes to rainbows ... I think it was a great choice!

Hope everyone else had an equally productive weekend.


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