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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Time for a Saturday Musing (on Sunday) and time to get back on track with the Blog. 

We had an AMAZING time in New Zealand.  Spending a month, about half of it visiting my husbands family and the other half wandering around the south island on our own, heading from Dunedin > Gore > Te Anau > Queenstown > Wanaka > Geraldine > Hokitika > Nelson.  Our trip to Geraldine was unintended, but resulted from a slide on the west coast highway that shut the road down for 4 days.  But we found the MOST FABULOUS cheese shop in Geraldine ... so since I am married to a Brit ... all was good once he discovered that!

It was a beautiful country and we enjoyed our trip immensely.  It was terribly sad to see the act of terrorism in Christchurch a week after our departure.  But it has been beautiful to watch an amazing leader in their Prime Minister step up, backed by the gentle people of New Zealand.  And I have watched with amazement as the quilting community worldwide has also stepped in to support the KiwiQuilters in their effort to make 50 - 100 quilts for the families of those slain and injured.

So on to far more mundane events here ...

I got a cedar closet.  Mind you, 3 boxes of cedar planks have been sitting in the garage for 3 years. 

But as we were getting ready for our trip to New Zealand, and headed into the closet in the guest room for seldom worn clothes, I discovered that a beautiful Jones of New York wool cape that I had gotten an AMAZING deal on about a decade ago had been eaten pretty significantly by moths.  Pretty confident that they were either still there or would definitely be back.  Decided that it was time to get the cedar out of the garage and into the closet.

So 5 boxes (2 additional boxes had to be added) and one Saturday later ... and I have a cedar closet that smells VERY aromatic! 

We started with a relatively small closet (5') that already had double hanging rods and a set of shelves in it. 

My husband, aka the Construction Manager, removed the doors, shelving and rods. 

He started with a blank slate and began installing the cedar.  He installed it on the back and two side walls.  The ceiling is sloped in this closet, so we opted to forgo that and there is carpeting on the floor.  The following pictures are from my check-ins as Project Supervisor. 

Turns out that the hardest part of the whole thing was rehanging the doors!  The Construction Manager took the hanging hardware off.  And when he went to put it back on, he didn't realize that the door in the front had a different offset then the one in the back, so he used half of the wrong hardware on the wrong door.  That took half a day to figure out ... 

Super pleased with the end result and happy to have somewhere to store the silk and wool clothing year round that doesn't smell like moth balls!  When you open the doors there is definitely a strong scent of cedar coming out and fingers crossed that will be effective. 

The whole project cost $125 (for the 5 boxes of cedar).  He does have an electric miter saw and a pneumatic nailer that were used in the project.  But I suspect the project could be done without either as the cedar planks are thin and soft, which would make it relatively easy to put a nail through with a hammer and to cut. 

Back to quilt blogging this week!

All the best,

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