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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I made a patchwork as a quick pull-together for a sick friend a couple of weeks ago ...

I had forgotten how much I actually like a patchwork and this got me back in the patchwork swing ...

So I made two last week (actually, several weeks ago, but had to wait for fabric to arrive for the backing to finish them).

The finished squares are 6" (6/5" uncut) and 8 columns x 10 rows makes a generously sized lap quilt at 4'x5'.

For the backs ... I had read a post from Emily @ QuiltyLove about using flannel sheets for quilt backing.  That caused me to google the subject of sheet backs for quilts (something I had read was a no no when I had first started quilting).  Lo and behold ... it is possible ... and I am really happy with how my first effort came out.

I didn't go with flannel, as I couldn't really find anything that I liked, but kinda had visions of a bold, dramatic back for the blue version.  So I looked on Target and found a nice tomato-soup color king size flat sheet $18.99.  It had a thread count of 300 (which was the highest that I read you should go).

I like the punch it gives the quilt and it does a great job of letting the quilting itself shine through on the back.  (Now if I could just get consistent color from my camera -- different issue for a different day).

For the green quilt version, I didn't see a solid that excited me, but ran into some 108" Amy Butler fabric that I knew would be perfect for the already completed quilt top.

I think that was just what the quilt was asking for ... don't you?

As for quilting, I have been trying to step out of my "meandering" phase and get a little more creative.  I had a great afternoon with Katie @ SewKatieDid taking her Walk the Line workshop last October.  And I purchased the book WALK from Jacquie Gering to help increase my knowledge and confidence.

For the blue version, I used Jacquie's Orange Peel pattern and then filled in a bit by doing horizontal and vertical stitching across the quilt in the middle of the blocks.

For the green version, I had completed half of the Orange Peel and when I laid it on the floor to mark the other direction, my eye saw a different approach and I filled in with the same pattern I had just used, but offset it by half a block.  I actually prefer this version to the previous one.  

In either event, I am happy that I have started to venture out with the quilting and am pleased with the results ... at least for these (I did have a failure that I will likely blog about at another time).

For now, these two quilts are now listed in my Etsy shop and I have started on a custom order for a friend which I know will stretch my skills!

Hope all is well out there.

All the best,


Annie said...

I love your lap quilts! The basic design of sewing squares together is a comfort feeling. I really like the printed fabric backing and your quilting looks awesome!

Sarah Craig said...

Pretty quilts, and pretty backs! Pretty awesome quilting, too!

co coya said...

Old-fashioned patchwork is always good, but the colors are wonderful. I think the extra line of quilting looks really good. I hope it soothes him.


Louise said...

Gosh, these are both so pretty! I love a good patchwork quilt, and yours are super. That red backing knocks my socks off, too! I've been wanting to get Jacquie's Walk book and this little peek at one of the motifs is very inspiring. Congrats on two great finishes :)

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