Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mom's door banners

My parents moved into assisted living a few years ago in Kansas City.  When we were out visiting them in February of 2016, my mom still had a few Christmas decorations outside her door in the main hallway.  When I asked my sister what was up with that, she indicated that she lent mom a few items and now she wouldn't return them ... she liked having decorations outside her door.

So I decided to make her some banners for her door that she could change out based on season, time of year, etc.

I started by gifting her one for Mother's Day that had a patriotic theme ... thinking that could get her through Memorial Day, 4th of July and even Labor Day!  I purchased the pattern for this one.

Next, I gifted her one in early October for her birthday, with a fall theme.  For this one, I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest ... but the link didn't take me anywhere I could buy a kit or pattern ... so I winged it by tracing a maple leaf from the internet (google maple leaf silhouette), applied that to some patchwork in the chosen colors and then appliqu├ęd them onto the squares.

Finally, one of her Christmas presents is a holiday themed banner.  She thinks that Santa gets a bit too much attention at this time of year, so I tried to go a little more traditional with meaning with the last one.  For this one, I found an online tutorial.  I actually like the one in the tutorial much better ... but think my mom with like the one that I made better ... I know that will make sense to many of you ...

These aren't exactly my style ... but my mom is tickled pink and really enjoys telling her neighbors that her daughter made them one-of-a-kind for her and anxiously awaits the next one ... since the Christmas one definitely has a limited life ... I need to get to work on one for January quickly ...

We should all be as appreciative over the little things as mom is with these ... makes me smile.

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  1. They are beautiful and lovely gifts. Our two local quilt guilds just gifted on several various style door decor banners to 3 area Sr housing complexes.

  2. Such a lovely idea. My Mom used to hang one of her lovely weavings outside her door when she lived in the retirement home. She would change them up now and again as well. Your's look wonderful!

  3. This is such a great idea! When I first started quilting, I thought about making small seasonal hangings for my Mom's door at her retirement center. But in the excitement of sewing bigger quilts, I sort of forgot about doing that. Time to revisit the plan, I think!

  4. I think personalization is important when folks move away from a home that has their imprint all over it. And yes, being able to say you made them is definitely a big deal. Not to mention you do such terrific work.


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