Friday, May 6, 2016

Machine stitching question

Hoping someone might have some thoughts on what is causing this ... 

Background ... sometimes, when I put a new bobbin in the machine, and start stitching, I get the following issue on the bottom of the fabric.  This happens both with straight stitching as well as free motion as indicated below.

When it happens, I simply pull the bobbin out and put it back in again and it goes away ... 

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong.  From my perspective, I feel like I am putting the bobbin in the same way in both instances.  But if there's something I need to be doing different ... I am all ears ... tired of having to rip stuff out (at least I am now paying attention and look pretty quickly each time I change bobbins).

I have a Juki 2010Q.

Thanks a bunch!

All the best


  1. I sometimes have tension issues when I change the bobbin right after everything was fine. Why? It turns out that my bobbin only likes to unfurl the thread in one direction. If I flip the bobbin over, it reverses the direction and I'm good to go. Don't know if that's what's happening for you, but I hope you figure it out. That is hair pulling time for sure.

  2. I have always heard that if the problem is on the bottom of the fabric it is caused by the top thread and if the thread is bad on top of the fabric it is from the bobbin.

  3. I have a Juki HZL series - you have to be sure the bobbin is feeding the correct direction as well as you hook thru the bobbin tension latch in the casing. I always watch while a pull thread from the bobbin to be sure it is coming off the bobbin correctly as well as completely hooked in the latch (which I miss sometimes).

  4. The general rule is that if the problem is on the bottom of the fabric, it's the upper thread - your top thread probably slipped out of the tension guides, or you forgot to put the presser foot down. With the relatively small amount of extra thread, it's most likely the tension guide. But it is also important to have your bobbin put in properly, with the thread pulling the proper direction. Hope this helps!

  5. I have the same problem sometimes. Usually if I rethread the top thread that fixes it. I have no idea why it happens.

  6. tension issue. I've had that happen. You're lucky all it takes is you popping the bobbin out and reentering it. Sometimes that doesn't fix it. I usually try that plus rethreading the whole machine, changing the needle, adjusting a bunch of tension dials. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes I'm ready to take a hammer to a $1,200 machine. ;) But yes, usually it's tension and I never know if it's it top thread or bottom thread so I just go through all the above steps and eventually it works out!


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