Scraps to Quilt

You know how good it feels when a quilt takes you completely by surprise?

I keep all of my solid scraps in plastic bags based on color.  Late last year, trying to whittle down those bags a little I started with the more mundane colors (blogged here).  Grays, browns, beiges ... I cut various size pieces in to 1.5" strips.  I randomly put those strips together and created three groupings ... one ~10" wide and the other two just under 6" wide.

Last week I decided I wanted to pull a quick quilt together for my sister who we will be staying with next week as we visit my parents.  Last time I was there, I noticed that the quilt I made her for Christmas in 2009 was starting to wear (YES!!!  Love a quilt that's used!!!), so I wanted to bring a replacement for her.

I trialed both off-white fabric and Kona Ash and decided that, while it popped a bit more with the off white, I preferred the more subdued outcome with the Ash.  The rest was simple.  Just a little piecing between the rows of strips ... and I had a generous lap quilt that was ready to quilt.

The back was equally simple.  The stripped pieces were a little long ... I really didn't need to make a 73" quilt ... so I trimmed them back and pieced those along the back for a little visual interest.

The quilt by the numbers:

Dimensions:  48" x 60"
Fabric:  Solid strips (1.5" wide by various lengths).  Back and main quilt solid = Kona Ash.  Binding = Kona Chocolate.  Batting = 100% Cotton.

I was delighted to see it come to life so quickly and it has turned into one of my favorites!

Hope all is well out there in quilt land!!!

Have a great week.

All the best,


  1. Isn't it great when something turns out better than we expect, not to mention using uo some scraps!

  2. I just love this quilt and what a great way to use up scraps. I'm sure your sister will love her surprise.

  3. It's beautiful, Lisa! You did a great job with your scraps - you might want to enter it in the Fabrics N Quilts Scrap Quilt Challenge!


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