Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting caught up ...

My husband's middle son Doug married Kate back in December … technically, you have a year to give them a wedding present … right ?!?!?

When I asked John what he thought they would want … he suggested this one, which I had made as a wedding present late last year for my cousin's daughter.

If you recall … last time the pattern was because I hadn't made all my geese the same size (they were out by mm … but mm count when there are 20 of them in a row).

But this time … I bought a template!  It helped … they weren't perfect, but do believe that they were all a bit more uniform this time.

I like the simplicity of the quilt … and was thrilled to have the Juki back in the house to quilt this on (jury still out on repairs and I will hold off for a few more quilts before I pass judgement again … stay tuned).

Must admit … I am a complete convert to Rachel's zigzag binding technique.  The binding goes on perfectly, quickly and I feel is far more secure than hand stitching.  The zigzag also gives it some visual interest.

Congratulations Doug & Kate!!!

All the best


  1. Oh, I love this quilt! Them geese are not so quick and easy either. I really love the complexity and the simplicity of how this quilt looks. And the colors are awesome too.

  2. I love this quilt! The simplicity makes it so eye-poppingly beautiful and peaceful. Love, love, love it!


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