Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sometimes they have to be quick ...

Not all quilts can be planned out in advance ... my boss announced unexpectedly last Monday that she was going to be leaving the company ... on Friday ...

As a true believer that all life events are quilt-worthy ... I had some quick work to do.  Off to the LQS and into the stash ... 

I settled on a triangle pattern ... 1) I had never made one and 2) I thought it would be high impact for the time it takes to pull it together.

My new design wall got it's first use.

And I REALLY began to appreciate the opportunity to use a design wall in the creation of a quilt.  It delivered way more benefit than I had initially imagined in the initial lay out as well as the ability to move things around so easily once it was laid out.

For those who missed my design wall post ...

The finished quilt was 56 x 72".  And looking at it from the the finished quilt angle, I can see that the design wall is only half of the opportunity.  Looks like I flipped one of the rows when I pieced the rows together ... see those three white triangles lined up too perfectly in a row? [ sigh ]

The back was pretty simple ... used up a few extra triangles from the front so that I could maximize the yardage utilization .. 44" wide x 72" long made it a lot simpler.  Sometimes I feel I spend way too much time on piecing backs -- that simply was not an option on this one.

The label simply wishes her well on this new chapter in her life.  

Of course, not having made this before, I bought way too much fabric ... so I see another coming my way soon ... because, while it was quick, I really loved the color palette as well and it would go great in my den.

Signed, sealed and delivered ...

All the best,


  1. Great pattern and just love the color pallete - super quilt for a quick gift.

  2. I love it, Lisa! Such a great idea for a quick quilt! And the colors are just spectacular. Whoop whoop!!

  3. Great quilt! Nice design wall! I wish mine was that big!!

  4. turned out great! I love the colours too. It looks like about 10" triangles??? I like the larger ones, need to try that. I made one of 6" triangles, but this is very nice.

  5. great colours - beautiful! and such a quick job you did

  6. great the colors. Your boss will be thrilled. The extra triangles on the back really add alot.

  7. Mmm...LOve this quilt. ARen't you happy you bought too much fabric?


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