Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The gift line ...

This ... became this ...

I have been buoyed by the positive response I've received from friends that I have gifted Market Bags to this past year ... so I figured why not create a few for my nieces and step daughters-in-law for Christmas presents ... this represents this efforts from the cabin over Thanksgiving weekend.

I have a few more at home in "inventory" ... so I'll let John help me decide who gets what next week when we start to pull the gift boxes together to mail.

If you remember, these came from Bijou Lovely Design's great tutorial.

And now some eye-candy from the weekend ... four days at the cabin is bliss ...

Me and my hero ...

The view from my run on Thanksgiving morning

The sun rising over Mt. Rainier on Thanksgiving morning

John finishing a wooden puzzle that he inherited from his mum

"Central Heat"

The view from the cabin -- fog over the canal.
It was a productive and beautiful weekend!

All the best

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