Thursday, May 23, 2013

A wedding quilt

My colleagues 20-year-old daughter got married last month ... I'm a little late due to an injured back that prevented me from being able to sit on the floor and sandwich this baby.

I didn't know what their colors are ... heck ... the bride and groom are college students and 20 years old ... they don't have colors yet ;-).

I like scrap quilts ... they always make me smile as I bring out materials that went into other quilts ... baby quilts, wedding quilts, just because quilts ... they bring so much history together!

This one is strips of colored scraps with some solid colors.  But then I've woven it across some wider strips of white and light gray.

I used a meandering quilt pattern and bound it with multiple scrap strips.

It has a simple back with a rainbow of solid color.  The finished size is 48" x 70".

Wrapped and delivered to her dad today ...

Despite the back injury, I did get to run my 2nd half marathon at the Portland Rock and Roll last weekend.  While I was slow, I did manage to shave 90 seconds off of last years time ;-).
Hope my Canadian friends had a great Victoria Day and that my US friends have a great Memorial Day.

All the best


  1. Great quilt.
    Lol you comment that 'they don't have colours yet'!

  2. Lovely quilt - I love scrap quilt too. Well done on your race - hope your back is recovering.

  3. Wonderful quilt! No matter what colors they choose in the future, you've got them covered! Congrats on your race!

  4. love the quilt! SO glad the back isn't slowing you down too much - good for you on your running results!

  5. Awesome quilt, Lisa!! You always amaze me!!

  6. I love scrappy quilts too and tend to overwork the design but you've made such a nice one here it's beautifully balanced.

  7. I love this quilt and it seems the perfect sentiments to pass on to a newly wed couple! And congrats on running the half marathon (injured or not)! I always find the dedication of runners something above and beyond and admire it to no end!

  8. You're an inspiration, I'm still building up to my first half marathon!!

  9. Hi there! I was really impressed with your stamina and will power! I can’t imagine myself getting all those done with an injury. Great job! I bet the couple would really love the quilt you have made just for them It’s really looks adorable! Anyway, hope you’re doing fine and hope to see more of your inspiring works.

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