Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obstacles to quilting ...

Anyone with a dog (or cat for that matter) understands this photo.

For those that don't have a dog ... she needed her own quilt to keep her off mine.

... btw ... still didn't work, stepped away a couple of times to come back & find her on the WIP.

Quilting tomorrow ;-)

All the best


  1. so so true!!! and cute! one of the last steps to every quilt made here involves the much repeated (loudly) "not on the quilt, not on the quilt". :-)

  2. I know that so well! You can see that she is just waiting to move on the project :)

  3. lol! love the colours in your wip - have fun quilting it

  4. Ha, I am with her though. A cat needs her own quilt, too cold on the floor without it. So how do get on with the basting? I find that bit so hard, I have a really bad back and am not even 40 yet. I keep wondering how do other quilters cope with the basting. Am keeping my fingers crossed that we can afford to buy a house one day and then I'll have a basting wall if I can. Can't wait to see the finsihed project.

  5. LOL, so true! I say it's my seal of approval. If he sits on it it, it's a keeper.


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