Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another benefit of a quilting bee ...

Well ... if it's international, you now have friends around the world!

Look who I ran into in Bath, England this past weekend!

Yes ... that's Amanda from Scissors and Thread!  And here we are together.

Lisa & Amanda
And why was I in Bath?  We are on vacation and were in Bath to celebrate John's birthday and for him to run the Bath 1/2 marathon ... amazing man ... 3 hours sleep and dressed to run in much colder temperatures, he still ran 13.1 miles in less than 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Amanda did a smashing job helping me pick out and reserve great restaurants for the weekend (10,000 people arrive in Bath for the weekend for the race ... so much advanced planning was required).

The very happy finisher!
We arrived in Spain yesterday and are planning to enjoy the beautiful north coast in the Basque Region of Spain and France over the next week.

Hope you guys are having a great week!
All the best



  1. How lovely that you two got to meet up! I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday :-)

  2. That is so wonderful that you got to get together! Have a great time on your trip.

  3. That's fantastic...Amanda did mention she had met you and I'm just waiting for the low-down on what you're like ;-)

  4. It was so lovely to meet you, hope you have been enjoying the rest of your holiday. (PS my hair usually looks better than that!)

  5. Well done to your husband! Have a wonderful time in France and Spain - it'll be warmer then here in the UK no doubt! I'm now off to plan my US holiday for later in the year.

  6. That is just really cool! So inspiring on several levels. ENJOY!!!


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