Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small gains ... big smiles

Piecing this quilt top together is really making me smile!

Do you ever start a top and discover that it's not working for you ... or better ... that it's working better than you thought it would?

I started this year knowing I wanted to use my solid scraps to make a queen size quilt for the other guest room at the cabin.  Where I spent my thinking time was on a pattern that would work with what I knew were some pretty small scraps.  I finally came up this pattern ... 3-piece squares.  Then ... the cutting began.

The next question, was whether the blocks should be monochromatic or mixed all up.  The analytical side of me had me leaning to creating color cohesiveness ... the creative told me just go for it!

The next question was to sash or not and my quilting buddies definitely weighed in on that question!

I'm only about 1/4 done ... but it's definitely putting a smile on my face ...

Hope you're having a great week.

All the best


  1. I just love this! It is going to be a wonderful quilt to make anyone smile.

  2. Fab! Its like a rainbow reflected in one of those cut-crystal chandelier drops. Beautiful! I bet everyone who sleeps under this quilt will have sweet dreams. Well done.

  3. very cool! It's going to be great.

  4. Oh, Lisa, thank you thank you thank you!!! Finally a direction for that huge tub of solid scraps I've got to cut up!!! Now I know what size to cut them!!

  5. It is a beauty! And sans sashing was the right way to go.

  6. This looks great. I just blogged about the quilt I made from your envelope tutorial and linked back to you.


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