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Monday, June 10, 2019

A bit surprised today to discover that one of my measurement tools doesn't ... measure up ...

I was cutting out some T@b window awnings this evening and I kept running into a challenge.  So I pulled out my measuring tape ... and lo & behold, it appear that the tape measure (Dritz) over 36" does not equal the cutting mat (Fiskar).

It's off by at least 1/8"—I was measuring a 40 1/4" awning so it makes sense that my measurement was off. 

Not sure which was at issue, I added my 36" ruler (O'Lipfa),  It appears to be in alignment with the Fiskar mat.

I must admit, I was a bit surprised that a company is selling a measurement tool that is inaccurate ...




Robby said...

Sadly, this is not as uncommon as you might hope. I cook and bake extensively and I check any new measuring cups/spoons I get. I've discovered that price isn't always an indicator of accuracy, but my older pieces seem to be more accurate. Of course, if I measure everything with the same cups in baking and cooking, it will work because ratios are the basis of recipes. BUT, I like to weigh most things until you get to a half teaspoon of this and a quarter teaspoon of that. Hope you were able to salvage your project.

Bridget said...

No it does not surprise me. It is really very hard to get materials which will not go out of measure. It is a HUGE issue for interstate commerce. You can get a degree in METROLOGY. The study of measurements.:) But I digress. I regularly throw away my older tape measures and buy new for the very reason that the materials the measures are made from can easily shrink or grow...and then I check the new measures against my less easily changed acrylic rulers. LOL Still not as accurate as the new international measurement for the metre.

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