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Monday, April 15, 2019

So, as I shared back in early 2017, John and I purchased a T@b Trailer (it's a small, 13' tear-drop trailer) to travel the western US in.  In 3 short years, we have had some amazing adventures, traveling off to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alberta and British Columbia.

This year there is a 2 month cross-country journey planned!

As fun as the trailer has been.  Equally fun, has been the small business that I launched as a result.

I make window awnings for T@b Trailers and sell them in my Etsy shop ... over 140 sets so far!

It started out as a way to make a little money to pay for my quilting passion.  And over the past 3 years, it's grown into a fun little business where I get to make a fun accessory for people who are out living their dream and traveling the country.  I call that a win win!


In addition to adding a lot of character to a trailer, these awnings are great at providing shade (while allowing a breeze to move through the trailer) as well as privacy.

The awning design is not mine.  I was able to secure the permission from the creator of the pattern to sell awnings, based on her design, in my Etsy shop.  She was very gracious, granting me permission to do so, and a small business was born.  I've since modified the pattern to make it more robust in wind as well as created new patterns for different size T@b Trailers.

Spring is here ... and campers are getting their gear set up for summer, so it's been a BUSY couple of weeks.  You know, busy in a good way ... but busy!

Hopefully back to a little quilting this week!


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Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,

We are looking to purchase a 2021 T@g xl. I was wondering/hoping that you still made the awnings for the windows? If not, would you please provide a name of someone who does or a way I can get the pattern for them. I can sew myself but your product is way nicer than what I would be able to do!

Thank you so much,

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