Boy has Instagram made me lazy!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I have been quilting a bit ... but haven't been posting much on the blog ... it's not the writing that's an issue for me ... it's the movement of the photos ...

We are on satellite internet out here at the cabin ... which means we have a cap on how much bandwidth we can use ... so we don't use the cloud to manage our files or photos.  So photos taking on my iPhone have to be manually transferred, photos from my Canon have to be downloaded ... yup ... I have gotten lazy (thanks Instagram).

But ... I have been busy ...

Mid-Century Modern Quilt
I made this for a friend for her 50th birthday ... her birthday was actually last October (yup ... I remain a little behind).  We celebrated it with her and others in Palm Springs and I wanted to make a quilt that reflected the Palm Springs theme -- mid-century.

Conceptually, it's simple ... 6 colors on a neutral background.  Executing was a little harder ... but I took to excel to design and execute.  Remember, I am self-taught at quilting ... so it was interesting to figure out how to do it all (you guys are probably rolling your eyes about now).

The back is quite simple with just a little visual color from the front ... the lone blue square in the bottom is the label.

I am about to make a second one in different colors for another friend who is turning 50 and spied this and wants one ;-) ... so I will put together a tutorial for those of you who are quilting challenged like me !

All Kona cottons ... from the stash.  The binding is from the stash as well ... Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets in 1) orange with gray dots and 2) green with orange dots.  I quilted it in meandering squares -- I've done this pattern several times now and am getting better at it and like it for a more modern approach.

My new version will be modified a bit ... there were too many squares crammed in and it was too big when finished ... 70x80" ... so I will be editing before I get started on the next version.

Hope all is well out there and you are enjoying a lovely summer ...

All the best

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